What the Students Say

When asked for their reasons for opting for this training students have said, I had heard that it was a good course’, I had attended several of the seminars and found them to be of a high standard’ and a local analyst had recommended the TCPP at WMIP’.

Any training of quality is going to be demanding and challenging.

Students experience of the toughest aspects of the training have included

relentlessness whilst trying to manage the rest of living’.  This can involve a great deal of driving over many years’ (to therapy, supervision and the training).  In addition, ‘the financial and emotional costs’ can leave little time for family, friends and ordinary life’.

Changing requirements of UKCP which have to be incorporated into the training can feel like the goalposts are ever moving’.

For some people, ‘the toughest part has been finding training patients’ andsetting up a practice as a trainee’ and some find that presenting clinical work with the prospect of it being assessed by peers the most challenging part of the training, though these can be positive advantages for others (see below).

And students have found the most enabling aspects of the training have included

experiencing the training as democratic, as much as possible, acknowledging the differences between trainees’. They value ‘the quality of the speakers: their standing, experience and range of work’ enabling the potential for broad diversity of theoretical and clinical approaches in teaching’.  ‘The opportunity for an experience of infant observation’ is much appreciated.  They also say that not being in year groups, but all being at different stages’ produces a ‘rich range of experience in the trainee group’ and there is ‘basic goodwill and supportiveness amongst students’.

Students also comment that, ‘the training cases and supervision of them are invaluable for learning’ and ‘the fact that we do our own assessments of our training cases, which are found through discussion with our supervisors and tutors’ is excellent preparation for future independent practice.

Finally, ‘Seeing how my work has changed, and knowing that however hard it is, doing the training was the right thing makes it worthwhile’.

Thanks go to the many students of the training for their time and willingness to give feedback on their experience of the training.  TCPP Committee, May 2010.

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