What the Graduates Say

When asked about their experience of the training, the graduates with whom we spoke made the following comments

What decided it for me was the amount of clinical input. I really got what I wanted from it. I felt lots more confident and competent at the end of it. I looked at other kinds of training and they looked the same, but that was deceptive. They weren’t really on the same level.

What clinched the choice of training for me was that it was the most thorough. I found it theoretically the most interesting and thought that it would take me furthest!

I was already counselling when I started the training. I decided to go ahead because I could see that I needed to go deeper with my work.

I thought that doing intensive training would answer that need. I knew that I would really learn a great deal. I would also have colleagues and fellow students.

The toughest part was the realisation about the level of commitment it would take to finish. It meant a great deal to me and I have become far more resilient because of it. It took a great deal of dedication and enormous resources in time and money.

The best aspect of the training was being immersed in a particular way of thinking. The access to learning in such a rich way was a huge opportunity. I felt that my thirst for knowledge was being quenched.

I work in private practice and my work is more secure because of the training.

As an investment, the training certainly paid off.

Since graduating I have been working as a therapist full time, offering both counselling and psychotherapy. The training altered the nature of my work, which is now deeper.

Best of all, the training has kept my interest in my work going. I notice that colleagues who stayed in counselling have retired because they are drained by the work and have lost interest.

The training defined my work as I changed careers because of it.

The best aspect of the training – and this might sound funny – was that the training committee was able to grasp what your central difficulty with the work was, and they didn’t let you pass till you overcame it and they had helped you with it. They picked up the difficulty in the work and we ironed it out together. It was so impressive.

The other thing was that although it was hard, once I was in it, I found the money and the time to do it – I found the resources.

Thanks go to the many graduates of the training for their time and willingness to give feedback on their experience on and as a result of the training.  TCPP Committee, May 2010.

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