Training Therapists, Training Supervisors

A good choice of therapist is regarded as crucial to the successful outcome of training.  Above all else it is the single most important element of a student’s development.  It is therefore essential that your therapist is a TCPP Training Therapist.  For more details about this, contact the Admissions Tutor at

TCPP Training Therapists, September 2013

  • Ms Susanna Bailey – Leeds
  • Ms Jane Cheshire – Bath
  • Ms Elisabeth Dennis – Birmingham
  • Ms Helen Flanagan – Solihull
  • Ms Susie Godsil – Leeds
  • Ms Tricia A Harvey – Birmingham
  • Mrs Rosie Hogg – Birmingham
  • Mr Graham Ingham – Leeds
  • Ms Susannah Izzard – Birmingham
  • Mr Laurence Kingsley – Birmingham
  • Mrs Helen Mate – Birmingham
  • Ms Christine Pitt – Birmingham
  • Dr Sheena Pollet – Cheshire
  • Ms Geraldine Shipton – Sheffield
  • Mrs Judith Sinclair – Bath
  • Ms Elizabeth Standish – Abingdon
  • Mr Colin Thomas – Cannock
  • Mrs Gillian Woodman-Smith – Bristol

All TCPP Training Therapists are also TCPP Training Supervisors.  We also have an additional  number of therapists who are listed as TCPP  Training Supervisor.  Once on the course, your tutor will work with you to find an appropriate Training Supervisor for your clinical work.

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