Modified Training Route [MTR] through TCPP Training

If you have prior experience and training the MTR route may be suitable for you.

Application for MTR entry to TCPP will require candidates to:

  1. have graduated from a child and adolescent psychotherapy training at least one year prior to admission to TCPP;
  2. present a portfolio of their written work completed on their previous training. This should include their pre-clinical training essays and their log book from their clinical training;
  3. submit TWO copies of their Qualifying Paper and TWO copies of a 2,500 maximum word statement outlining their professional development since their first qualification. This paper should demonstrate an integration of theory and practice as indicated in the Handbook;
  4. provide details of the frequency and duration of their training therapy experience in their previous training on the TCPP application form;

Course requirements in relation to personal therapy will be assessed and agreed on an individual basis.

Please note: If you are interested in the training or if you have any queries about the MTR route, please contact our Administrator, Mrs Carmela Billingham and she  will arrange for the Admissions Tutor to speak with you.

Email: Telephone: 0793 925 5534

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