Why Choose This Training?

One TCPP graduate said that a factor in deciding to apply to the TCPP was that

The list of speakers was (and remains) remarkable.  There are some great locally trained speakers but outside London, I know of no other training which consistently has such an impressive range of nationally, and sometimes internationally, recognised specialists in the field.

Our course runs on fifteen Saturdays a year.  This enables students to fit the training into their working lives.  Three start dates a year gives flexibility as to when to begin training.

The seminar programme of the training programme is open to the public, and prospective students are welcome to attend any of the Saturday seminars except the case presentations, which occur once a term.   Attendance gives a chance not only to sample some of the speakers, but also to meet students and Committee informally.  The aim of the seminars is stimulate thinking and encourage widespread participation.

The seminar programme is available on the WMIP web site.

The location, in central Birmingham, allows for relative ease of access for students from a wide geographical area.

The training is regularly reviewed by UKCP.  Our current advising analysts are Mr Simon Archer and Ms Hannah Solemani.  Past advising analysts have included Mrs Susan Budd, Dr Ralph Layland and Dr Nina Coltart.

For more details or to apply for the course contact  the course Administrator, Mrs Carmela Billingham at tcpp@wmip.org or on 0793 925 5534.

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