Applying for Training

Applications are invited for The Training in Contemporary Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Members of the Training Committee, and the Admissions Tutor in particular, welcome the opportunity to discuss potential applications and to give advice when required.

Making the decision to apply

Our trainees have identified a range of issues which they needed to think through prior to submitting an application. Doubts about being ready: ‘I needed to do an introductory course first’, motivations: ‘would I be using the training as an escape from real life relationships?’, timing: would it be worthwhile to invest in this training at my age? and considering alternative trainings are all important questions students have needed to resolve before they apply.

Timing is very individual.  When it is a requirement of your job to train in psychoanalytic psychotherapy the decision to train or not to train is relatively clear.  Applicants find that they need to balance practical factors, emotional factors, and personal desire. Decisions such as I wanted to be able to go deeper emotionally and intellectually for myself and in my client work’ and ‘I had made a decision that now was the time to make changes in professional direction’ were crucial; as was ‘at the end of the day I eventually thought ‘it’s now or never’ and had to get on with it.’

The demands of a four year taught programme and completion of the clinical requirements, which often take a further two years, mean that the commitment is generally for six years.

Admissions requirements

Applicants should normally have:

  • completed a basic introductory training in psychodynamic work and psychoanalytic theory, or equivalent, for a minimum of 1 year
  • a background in an allied profession and usually have degrees in medicine, nursing, psychology or social work.
  • some experience in the field of psychiatry, as it is essential to recognise mental illness and be aware of treatments available.

Please note: If you are interested in the training but feel that you may not meet the admission requirements, or if you have any other queries, please contact our Administrator, Mrs Carmela Billingham and she  will arrange for the Admissions Tutor to speak with you.

Email: Telephone: 0793 925 5534

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