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Infanticide, suicide or matricide: seminar by Dr. Carine Minne on 8th March 2014

Dr. Minne is Consultant Psychiatrist in Forensic Psychotherapy at Broadmoor Hospital and at the Portman Clinic, and a psychoanalyst with the BPS. Her seminar is entitled “Infanticide, suicide or matricide: towards a psychoanalytic understanding of a single diagnosis entity”.

The seminar is on Saturday 8th March at the Postgraduate Education Centre, City Hospital, Dudley Road, Birmingham B18 7QH. It runs from 11.00 to 2.30 with a break     for lunch. Non-members are welcome to attend at a cost of £40. A link to the reading list and to seminar details appears below.

Reading list – 08 03 14

To book a place, please contact the TCPP administrator, Mrs. Carmela Billingham, on 07939 255534 or email

Quinquennial Review by UKCP

A team from the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy visited the TCPP in July 2013 to review its suitability to remain as an organisational member of the Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis. The team’s very positive report has recently been received: a summary appears below.

QR review excerpts A